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April 12 – 13, 2022 at the Beach Mosquito Control District

CORE, PH & Aquatic License CEU’s will be available

Recent News

EPA OKs plan to release 2.4 million more genetically modified mosquitoes
Following Oxitec’s 2021 release of 144,000 mosquitoes in the Florida Keys, the EPA approved an expanded plan that added sites in California.


One million mosquitoes in Florida caught on Sanibel Island
The Lee County Mosquito Control District recently posted photos on its Facebook page of one million mosquitoes lumped together into a pile after getting caught in a trap on Sanibel Island. 



Mosquitoes are so smart they’re learning how to avoid pesticides used to kill them, study says
Mosquitoes that had been exposed to pesticides figured out how to steer clear.

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