FMCA Committees

Standing Committees

Aerial Training

  • Chair: Mark Latham
  • Chris Lesser


  • Chair: Gordon Patterson


Buzz Words

  • Editor: Derrick Mathias


  • Chair: VACANT

Dodd Short Courses

  • Chair: Dr. Shelley Whitehead, Whitehead Entomology Consulting, LLC; [email protected]
  • Vice-Chair: Samantha Ramirez
  • Dr. Whitney Qualls
  • Dr. Carl Boohene
  • Rob Chouinard
  • Dr. Estelle Martin
  • Randy Brendel
  • Theressa Jones
  • Julie Black


Fall Program 2023

  • Chair: Sandra Fisher-Grainger


  • Chair: Diane Richards: [email protected]
  • James Clauson
  • Mark Cothran
  • Sandra Fisher-Grainger
  • Richard Weaver

Florida Mosquito Control Handbook

  • Chair: VACANT

Journal of the FMCA

  • Editor:  Rui-de Xue


  • Chair: Keira Lucas
  • Sandra Fisher-Grainger
  • Whitney Qualls
  • Casey Crockett
  • Robin King
  • Dennis Moore

Local Arrangements Committee

  • Chair: VACANT


  • Chair: VACANT

Memorial 2023

  • Chair: Sandra Fisher-Grainger


  • Chair: James Clauson, Beach Mosquito Control District: [email protected]
  • Co-Chair: Mark Cothran

Public Information

  • Chair: Jillian Meek
  • Alissa Berro
  • Michael Mut

Publication Committee

  • Chair: Rui-de Xue

Research Advisory

  • Chair: Rui-De Xue


  • Chair: Mark Latham

Technical Bulletins

  • Editor-in-Chief: James Cilek

Technology and AV

  • Chair: Robert Chouinard
  • Randy Brendal

Wing Beats Magazine

  • Editor-in-Chief: Dennis Moore

Ad HOC Committees

Director’s Section

  • Chair: Sandra Fisher

Personnel Exchange

  • Chair: Rui-de Xue

Silent Auction

  • Organized by Past President James Clauson

UAS Committee

Young Professionals

  • Chair: Tarolyn Frisbie, [email protected]
  • Advisor: Dr. Casey Crockett
  • Committee members: Teahna Ratliff

Archived Committee Lists